El Cajon General Contractor

El Cajon General Contractor

We strive to create the best possible customer experience while providing the highest quality work from our experienced professionals. Pacific West Builders have been in the construction business for over 40 years and has a rich company history. Over time we have managed and assisted with over 100 projects in the private and public sectors. With all the expertise our years in the business have offered us, we know how to provide you with what you need. Contact us today to get started!

Construction and Design in El Cajon

El Cajon is a city in San Diego County with a rich history, active economy, and plenty to do. El Cajon has everything, from exploring nature at the Water Conservation garden, to the wonderful restaurants and breweries that pepper the city, and even Sycuan Casino! When it comes to museums, El Cajon has several, including the Olaf Wieghorst Western Heritage Center, Heritage of the Americas, and the San Diego Air and Space Museum Annex. Speaking of flying, El Cajon has a very unique experience at Sky Combat Ace, where you get to be the pilot! 

In addition to all this fun, there is never a shortage of construction projects in the private and public sectors of El Cajon. Thankfully, Pacific West Builders is here to provide their clients with exactly what they need to make their vision a reality or take their project to the next level.


Pacific West Builders: Rich History and Experience

Our company was founded in 1982 by Patricia Romero and her husband, Dennis Ord, in San Diego, California. It started small, with Dennis handling the groundwork and Patricia running the office, but Pacific West quickly grew into a successful and reputable construction company. In 1998, Patricia expanded the company’s repertoire to include the public sector (in addition to the private sector) and began accepting government contracts. Since then, Pacific West Builders has worked on over 100 construction projects.

Over the years, we have worked on projects in El Cajon’s public and private sectors, working with budgets, scopes, and project complexities. We have designed, built, and helped maintain many types of projects, including Commercial, Healthcare, Education, and Industrial, for the Department of Defense. Pacific West Builders provides renovations, repairs, security system installations, ADA site improvements, and countless other services. Our years of experience working on projects with all kinds of people makes us confident that we can handle any challenge.


Best Construction and Customer Service in El Cajon

We offer several types of services to fit your project’s needs. Our Design Bid-Build approach is more traditional, separating the design and construction phases. However, we also offer a Design Build approach, where we take care of the design and construction phases. For more hands-off assistance, we offer Construction Management, and Design Assist, where our experts provide advice to make your project run as smoothly (and cost-effectively) as possible. For more information, please visit our services page.

At Pacific West Builders, our clients come first. We hope to establish solid and lasting relationships with our clients through clear communication and exceeding your expectations. Above all else, we value trust and our customers’ happiness. Our decades of experience provide us with a nuanced understanding of construction and design, allowing our employees to have creativity and flexibility in problem-solving. We promise to provide you a sense of progress and peace of mind, knowing your project is in the right hands.


Have a Project You Need to be Built? Visit or Contact Us Today!

If you have a question, please feel free to come to visit us! Our office is located in National City, just a couple blocks from the San Diego Bay, and is open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Call us at (619) 230-1904 to speak with a representative now! You can also send us an email with any questions you may have, or contact us through this form.

El Cajon General Contractor
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